Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Disappointment and Stitching

No matter what I do lately things just don't seem to be going my way.

You know I read an news story on Yahoo the other day about how American's are feeling lonelier now than 20 years ago. I so agree with this story as it's how I've been feeling for so long now. I just want someone I can call up on the phone and say "Hey want to go out for lunch?" or anything like that. I don't understand how it can be so hard to find people near you who share your same interests.

I'm not crazy with the look of my blog and I love how some of you have had your blogs done over to reflect you. Well I contacted Gemmark Designs about redoing my blog. After some mis communication at the start I paid her and waited for her to get to my blog. She lost all the info I sent her and we had to start again and 3 weeks later have I'd not hear from her I find out that she no longer designing blogs. I feel totally crushed. I love everyone's blogs that she's done and I really wanted her to do my blog too. Now I just don't know what to do and it makes me hate the way my blog looks even more. :(

** I should have added. That YES she did give me my money back. :)

I've been in another stitching slump. I did finish 2 small pieces but, they are a birthday gift for DH so I can't post the finished pictures of them till he get's them on Sunday.

I gave my finished Sitting Pretty piece to my Dad for Fathers Day. It's off at the framers right now and I'll post a picture of it here when he gets it back.

I did get the Halloween Fairy from Down Sunshine Lane right after it came out. I've not done must on it. The colors in it are so pretty. I can't wait to get to her wings as the blue I get to use on them is SO nice.


Carol said...

Hey, look who's blogging?! Good to see you here again. Here's a suggestion: stick with us, keep blogging, you won't feel lonely :-) I'd most definitely invite you to lunch (Shorty's??!!), but you are so far away... move on up here, we would have a blast!

As for Gemmak, hmmm.... I am very surprised! I found some good sites with free blog templates if you want any links! I am going to do that this summer, but right now I don't want to give up any stitching time to fiddle with my blog - LOL!!! Can you put in a PayPal complaint to get your money back, if she isn't replying to you now?

Missy said...

Thinking of you and just sent you an email.


katica said...

In some ways I feel like I'm in the same boat as you... in regards to your blog though, there are plenty of sites out there to revamp it yourself for free. I have found a couple that I like as well, I just have to figure out how to do it!!!

karensff said...

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so down. If I was there I would invite you out to lunch too. Carol is right stick with us.

One idea though about your blog. Why not learn HTML so that you can design your own blog exactly the way you want it. If there is somewhere nearby that holds a course it would also get you out and meeting people.

I look forward to seeing the halloween fairy. I really love the colours on her. I have still to order easter fairy (hanging my head in shame) but I still have a number of projects to stitch.


Heather said...

I know how you feel about the way the blog looks, I don't like mine either.

Try here that's where a few other bloggers have got theirs and I'd do mine if I could get it to work properly!!!!

AnneS said...

I was about to suggest the same place that Heather did - I absolutely ADORE the Man on the Moon one ... and very tempted to change hmmm. I think we've all had to deal with severe loneliness at times - believe it or not, blogging is what helped relieve mine ... after living here in Aussie for 3 years I'm only just starting to make friends - and two of those are from blogging! I'm learning that I love my own company, and don't get upset anymore ... but it's taken me a long time to get to that feeling. Hang in there, chickadee :) {hugs}

Bastet said...

I feel the same way most of the time sweets. I don't make friends easily and in the past few years they've moved away or the one interest that got us together in the first place no longer interests them and/or I've moved on.
If you lived closer I'd have you come over on Tuesday nights for a stitch/movie/whatever (that's my fend night for supper and as long as we don't wake DH up we can chat and stitch and watch dvds to our hearts content or just go out about town)
Can't say much about the blog deal. HTML and I have a love-hate relationship. I'm still stitching though not the long periods I was before. But progress is progress. Can't wait to see Sitting Pretty all framed up, and the prezzies you stitched for your DH.
loads of hugs and warm thoughts headed your way.

Juul :o) said...

Hi Jenn, I'm glad you updated! :o)
Like all the others said, blog more often and comment a lot on other blogs. I would invite you to my stitching bee, but it's on the other side of the globe... ;o)

I've ordered the Halloween fairy to, but have not received her yet.
I can't wait to see photo's from yours! Don't stay away so long! ;o)

As I have no blog, I can't give you any advice on how to beautify your blog..., but I think it is more important what a person writes, and what photo's she/he shows! I didn't think your blog needed an upgrade!?! :o)