Sunday, April 9, 2006

Sitting Pretty

Thanks to everyone for your comments about the Easter Fairy. It felt so good to get her done. Now I'm wondering what the next one will be. If the time table stays the same on how long it took between releasing the Christmas Elf Fairy and the Easter Fairy we should know what the next one is around the begining of May.

I worked on Sitting Pretty for a while today. For such a small piece it seems to be taking me a long time to get this one done. I guess this is cause I'm doine one color/section at a time instead of doing all of one color then moving onto another.

Sitting Pretty Posted by Picasa

Carol worked on our SAL piece Mermaid Heaven last night. I'm going to pick mine back up again this week then get to stitching on it again next Saturday along with Carol. I do love this piece. I'm sorry I put it down for so long.


Carol said...

I had that same issue when I stitched Valerie's Story Time last year.. it was my "at work" project for the longest time... small project, but takes a long time to stitch...but... worth it :-)

Heather said...

Sitting Pretty looks great Jenn. They are stunning when they're stitched up and it makes me want to get mine out and started.....but noooooo not another WIP at the moment.

Missy said...

Your birdies are really coming to life! Mine was a UFO once everything was stitched...was just waiting on their little feathers on top of their heads and the backstitching. Thank goodness for friends! You will really enjoy them once they are done.

P.S. Thanks for the blog help, again. Your remedy worked!


Juul :o) said...

Hi Jenn,
The birds are looking great already!
I would love to see a Lily of the Valley-fairy, what do you want?
I save mine up and maybe if I like all six, I stitch them on one piece of fabric...

Kathy said...

Awwww Jenn they look sooooo cute.

hugs xxxxx

Lana said...

sitting pretty is really looking nice, and i loved the fairy! good job!

Mary said...

The little birds are just sooo cute.
I can't wait to see this piece progress.