Friday, April 14, 2006

Long weekend

It was nice to have today off work. I did a few things around the house, I did some stitching I read a little. All in all all a good day even though it was raining out.

I worked on Sitting Pretty while watching the Red Sox tonight. They are back to winning which is a good thing. I got the 2 brids and the branch they are sitting on all stitched. I just need to backstitch them and do the other bird and the part of the branch he is sitting on. I feel like this piece is finally starting to move along quickly now. Maybe the end is in sight.

I also today worked on my RR. I got all the boxes stitched out for it. Now I just need to pick out which Archie Bear i'm going to stitch and get him done.

It started raining here about 3 this afternoon. I wouldn't mind if the rain kept up though tomorrow. I don't have any place I have to be so staying in and watching the Sox (it can rain here but, not in Boston) and stitching would be so nice.

Paul and I finished watching Firefly on DVD the other day. We have the movie Serenity to now watch. We were going to watch it tonight but decided to wait till tomorrow since the Sox are playing a day game tomorrow we can watch it tomorrow night.


AnneS said...

Perfect plans - stitching and DVD's ... doesn't get any better than that! :D

Karen's Blog said...

Sounds good to me Jenn. Carol has been keeping me up to date with the Red Sox. It is hard to catch a game here in Australia but I am hoping a game might be televised over the weekend. Lovely stitching on the litte birds.

Judith said...

It looks great Jenn.

Mary said...

Sounds like you had a busy day. Congrats on getting some stitching done.
Go Red Sox!!!