Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lazy Days

I've not done much stitching the past few days. Everything seems to just be going wrong for me. So I'm afraid if I pick up my stitching I'll make a mistake and end up having to frog it out...better to be safe than sorry. I did pick up Sitting Pretty on Sunday and I did get a little done. I started the third bird but, I didn't get enough of him done to warrant a scan.

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to add a strike line to text on my blog. I've added the list (on my side bar) of all the pieces I wanted to do this year and I've put a strike though the ones I've finished. I've even added ones that I didn't know about at the beginning of the year (the Easter Fairy).

I'm not happy lately with blogrolling. It's not giving me up dates on a number of blogs on my list. :( I know it's never updated me on AngelSans' blog so I just go there every day and check it out. Now it's added others to the list it doesn't up date me on. Guess I'll just have to click on all the blogs I read ever day even if blogrolling doesn't show them updated just to be sure.


Kali said...

I gave up on blogrolling a while ago. The only reason it stays on my page is so that any new visitors that wander onto my page can see all the other great blogs and check them out. I am now using google reader which *seems* pretty reliable as did newsgator, I just like the google reader interface better.

Von said...

I use Newsgator and like it, but I've not tried Google Reader. Perhaps you should look at them and try something new. :D

Dianne said...

I'm in a bit of a slump here. I am working on a piece and the fabric is the pits-too much frogging.
I am thinking of my gardening since I can go out and enjoy the nicer weather.
Blogrolling doesn't work that great for me too. I usually go down the list and see what's new.

Chiara said...

I know...somedays everythings go wrong for the stitching!!! It's very annoying!!!have a nice week end

Heather said...

Blogrolling hasn't been updating for me for a while either.

I hope you don't mind, but I think I'm going to try and pinch the strike line instructions for my sidebar. I did once have the progress thing, but lost it when my blog went funny and couldn't figure out how to get it back again.