Wednesday, March 1, 2006

It was calling to me.

All day at work today I kept thinking about William in the Window. So when I got home tonight I had to stitch on him a little.

This is one of my WIP/UFO's that I hope I can get done this year. There is just a lot of blended stithces that are driving me crazy. I keep thinking oh I'll do a different section so I don't have to blend colors. *rolling eyes*

I updated my NeoCounter yesterday. I've had a lot of fun seeing all the different countries people who read my blog are from. Some I can figure out who you are and others I have no idea. I also had a few more people add them selves to my guest map. Well welcome to all and I'm gald you stop by.

I did do a little on the Easter Fairy today at lunch but, not enough to make me want to get it out and scan it. Maybe tomorrow.


Shelleen said...

William in the Window looks great1

Kim said...

It's looking great! You have an interesting counter! Love how you can see what countries people are from. :D