Thursday, February 9, 2006

I hate this time of the year

My birthday is 2 weeks from today and i just seem to get so depressed around this time of year. I love having my birthday and I don't mind getting older each year. It's just I seem to just start thinking about everything I don't have that I see others with. It seems like everyone around me has a nice house and a family and they are so happy and I feel like I'm stuck in such a rut.

Some times I feel like life is something that happens to everyone else because the things I'm suppose to have I don't feel like I ever will no matter how hard I try.

I guess it doesn't help that I don't have any friends around me who I can talk to. I tell Paul that I feel lonely and he says that he is here for me but, there are just some things you can't talk to a guy about (you know what I mean?).

I didn't want to get out of bed today but, since I missed so much time a few weeks ago when I was sick I feel like I "have to" go to work today. :(

Sorry to depress all of you with my rant :) but, I don't have any place else to get this off my chest.


Kim said...

You aren't being depressing at all. I know I get the same way around my birthday which is Jan. 2. LOL It's wedged right in there w/ all the "big" holidays. I often feel forgotten in the rush. ;) I also can relate to not having any "girl" friends to chat about "stuff" w/. That's what makes blogging nice you can just get those sad feelings out there and let them go. There is always someone that cares and is willing to listen even if we can't drop in for coffee. :D

Bastet said...

I have more guy friends than female friends, and the only female friends I keep close I wouldn't discuss certian things with them or edit big time. They usually have big mouths when they should be zippered 'nuff said.
I care Jenn, but unfortunetly it's not like I can run down the street or hop on a bus across town for a much needed b***h fest. As for birthdays I try to avoid mine altogether.
major hugs

Judith said...

LOL aren;t we all depressed around our birthday. I am and mine is in 2 weeks and one day (25th so only 2 days after yours)I always think no one will remember my birthday and I will be alone with my DH and my family. I never had many friends. Now I have some friends, but most live far far far away. One is close, but we haven't been going to our birthdays.

Carol said...

Hi Jenn - I found that I had some extra quilters betweens in my stash - I popped a pack of them in the mail to you this morning :-)

Juul :o) said...

Just talk to your DH! Why not?
It's also THE time of the year to being depressed!
And sometimes it's also THE time of the month...
Take care!

Barbara said...

Go ahead and get it out, Jenn! I think most of us have had feelings like that around our birthdays. Take care.

Missy said...

Hang in there, Jenn! Birthdays are difficult, Lord knows I am not looking forward to mine in just over 3 weeks!

You share the same birth date as my Dad (not year though I imagine).

I know how it is to feel lonesome, being a military wife, I don't get to form lasting friendships.

Sending you big ((hugs)) from Guam!