Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Happy Dance

Usually they don't come this quickly. After this one I don't know when I will have my next one.

I got a few things in the mail today. I can't find the camera so no picture of them.
Carol sent me a pack of Quilter’s Between needles. Carol told me she uses these for beading. I also got some Floss from Linda in trade for sending her a pattern I had that she wanted. It's always nice to come home to a package waiting for me. No matter how big or small. *grin*

Other than that not much to report. I had to dig my car out of the snow this morning. There was more inback of it from the snow plow than on it. So it didn't take me that long.


Carol said...

Aw, that's pretty! I am glad the betweens arrived OK! Enjoy!

Lee said...

Oooh, that looks like it was fun! It's very pretty.

Bastet said...

Nice and Valentiny.

Dawn said...

That is very cute! Congrats on the HD. :)

Von said...

Hey, I like this one, Jenn!! Looks like a fun, quick stitch :D

Lili said...

Cute heart! And I enjoyed the bun warmer story and pics! Your cat is so beautiful!
Take care!