Friday, December 30, 2005

The weekend is almost here

I've not gotten much done but, I wanted to post an update of the Christmas Elf Fairy.

I should have the top part of her skirt done tonight and I hope fill in the bottom part too. I'm wondering if I should leave the whisper white till last just before the beads.

Juul I agree with you that it's kind of nice how everyon's Elf will have a different face becasue of the variegated thread. I'm glad I had to frog out her face the first time cause I didn't like the way the variegated thread was on her face. I like this time much better.

By the way Juul do you have a blog? You keep posting me comments (which I love) but, I have no way to look at your work. :(

I went to Michale's yeterday at lunch and used the gift certificate Paul gave me for Christmas to get the floss for both Mermaids of the Deep Blue and the Rose of Sharon. LOL I just realized in one of my previous posts I called it the Rose of Sharron. I know I keep doing that. I know I could have gone to AC Moore cause they are having a sale this week on floss 8 for $1 but, I don't have an AC Moore close to me.

Paul has to work for a while tomorrow night :( and some of Monday so we are going to go and rent some movies tonight. So we can enjoy our New Years Eve a little early - even though he will be home before midnight tomorrow - and so I'll have something to do while he's out. I don't know what I want to rent and I didn't get any movies for Christmas. I'll have to go and look at some of Carol's previous posts in her blog to see what she's gotten lately so I know what is out there. :) Ohhh Carol how was the Brother Grimm? Maybe I'll get that.

I think tomorrow i'm going to go though my stash and straighten things out and maybe even make a goal list for me for 2006. I have a number of WIP/UFO's I'd like to get done this year. I got one or two done this year but, not as many as I would have liked. Hopefully I can get more done next year.


Carol said...

Hi Jenn - looks like you will be well prepared now for the Mirabilia SAL. I have two AC Moore's near me - if you ever want sale floss, let me know! I love your Christmas Elf Fairy! Brothers Grimm was excellent, but I need to watch it again sometime when I am not stitching - too much action to follow when stitching!

Juul said...

Hi Jenn,
I have no blog, sorry. And I live to far away, … to show you what I have made.
I’m just on the other side of the world. LOL.
I love to read a lot of blogs though, I have learned so much from al lot of bloggers worldwide.
Not only about stitching, also about habits and culture, opinions and so many new things!
I love the interaction of making comments, and getting answers back.
There’s only one bad thing about it, its sooooo time consuming, (because I love it tooooo much?) that I hardly have time to stitch, or let alone start a blog of my self… ;o)
I have to do something about that next year; it’s one of my (good) intentions to spend more time at home and less on line. (Oh help, do you have tips, how to handle that?)(any one? a new topic?)

Thanks for posting about Christmas Elf Fairy so soon. You have done much more than I, LOL.
I didn't start her yet because my fabric isn't big enough (for framing her properly), and now I am waiting to see what the next (or maybe al 6) are going to look like.
What kinds of fabrics and colours are used for instance, before I will decide what I’ll do.
I am watching every one's fairy on the net as a substitute, instead of stitching her myself. (sniff)
I'm thinking of doing more of them on a new bigger piece of fabric, if that’s a possibility.

I’ve got Frederick the literate, and some of the Celtic Ladies, all waiting to get started. (Not all kitted up yet, only Spring is ready to start)
So reading your blog gives me inspiration on those pieces to. (And more)
I hope this clears up a little of the mist around me? ;o)
“See” you next year.
Juul :o)