Friday, November 18, 2005

Playing Hookie

I didn't feel like going to work today. It was just one of those 'I've had enough of it' days. So I decided to stay home. I didn't get much done today though. Spent most of the time on line.

I did get a little stitching done so on the Christmas Elf Fairy. I'm going to work on her a little more after dinner. I worked on her face today and I don't know but, I'm just not happy with it. Since I'm using variegated thread half of her face is pink and half of it its white. I know this is what the designer wanted but, to me it just doesn't look right. I'll just have to see how it looks when I get her hair and the cap done around it. I also did some updating on my blog. I added a few more blinkies and the I support Harry Potter banner from the Goblet of Fire web site. I also added my monster name coder to the tool bar. Someone else did this too. I can't remember if it was Amanda or Carol. It's Carol that has the monster on her blog. :)


Carol said...

Congratulations on your hooky day!!! I love those too! I don't know if Amanda put her monster name in her sidebar, but I did put Mike's in mine (along with his cyborg name) - He likes to be represented in my blog and often checks to make sure he is there! Thus, the pic of us having cocktails in San Juan a couple of years ago is now also in my sidebar - men!! LOL!

Bastet said...

Congrats on taking a hooky day. Christmas Elf fairy is looking good. Can't comment on the face, it doesn't look to have a two tone...

Butterfly Amy said...

Hi Jenn,
Christmas Elf Fairy is looking great!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope you get tons of stitching time in over the long weekend. Like you I've been in a big time stitching funk. I need to stitch something for me and stop doing other things for awhile :)

Mary said...

Your Christmas Elf is coming along great. I took November 18th off sick too but I had a big time migrane, sinus, tension headache.
I'm glad you took a mental health day. Everyone should take one once in a while. Ferris Bueller had it right... if you don't slow down once in a while and look around, you might just miss something. Happy Thanksgiving!!!