Sunday, October 16, 2005

Celtic Summer

I had planned on working on Mermaid Heaven today but, when I went to pick it up to work on Celtic Summer started to call to me instead so I ened up working on this one. I've still not decided it I'm going to do the border on this one or not. I'll just have to see how she looks once I have just the lady finished. I'm doing her as a SAL with some other blogging ladies. So if I decided to do just her I'll probably start another lady once I finsh her so I can keep stitching with everyone.

CS Posted by Picasa

Here is a picture of my Here is Me bear so far. I'm sorry he sat around for so long unfinised becuase I'm really enjoying working on him on my lunch time at work.

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I went to Target on my way home from work yesteday and picked up a few movies. I got the Wedding Singer and the new 2 disc release of The Outsiders. I'm looking forward to getting to sit down watch this with 10 minutes of deleated scenes and 20 minutes added to the movie.

Paul and I rented The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants last night. We both really enjoyed it. Saturday night has become movie night for us and we are really enjoying it. We are hoping to get Batman Begins and maybe Mad Hot Ballroom this weekend.


Carol said...

Hi Jenn,
YOur CS looks lovely! I would vote for doing the border - I love the borders on the Celtic Ladies (my two cents....).... your little bear is adorable! We are looking forward to Batman Begins too - Mike is anxious to also get Land of the Dead (oh yippee!!) LOL!

Bastet said...

CS is looking gorgeous. Batman Begins is pretty good. A friend of mine dragged me to it when it was in the theaters. Happy Viewing!

Zohrah said...

Here Me Bear is looking so cute. I hope you can finish it soon.

I never get tired of watching Wedding Singer. I like the last part when Adam Sandler sang to Drew on the plane. So cute. I have the VCD.

karensff said...

CS is looking gorgeous. I love those colours. I think that this will be my next celtic lady. I have a few other things to stitch first though. Your bear looks so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Where does this "here is me" bear come from? He is great. CS looks good too. Ann.