Friday, September 2, 2005


I got an e-mail from ABC Stitch Therapy last night telling me that they are expecting the charts in for Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea in last today and they are getting the packages all made up so they can be mailed first thing tomorrow morning. YEAH!

I still have not done any stitching this week. I thought my floss would have arrived yesterday from the Thistle Needleworks but, no. :( It looks like they charged my card yesterday so I'm hoping it shipped yesterday and that I'll have it today. I'll probably pick up Celtic Summer tonight and start it if the floss arrives.

Carol has taken today off so she's going to have a nice 4 day weekend with it being a holiday here. I wish I'd thought to do this now but, that's ok because I have some concerts that I'm going to in the coming months that I want to save my vacation time for. LOL yeah as you can tell I don't get a real vacation.

I've not gotten a lot done on my work stitching project this week. I've only gotten to work on it once. Zohrah is almost done with hers by the look of it on her website. I should be able to work on mine a little more today and If I get enough done I might work on it over the weekend too.

San found the picture of the scissors case that I did and she asked me for a picture of it so she could post it on her website too. :) I'm glad she likes it.

One last thing for everyone to add a smile to your Friday I found this on someone else's Blog this morning and it's to cute not to share. Cats in Sinks. Misha dose this...I'll have to send in her picture to them. :)


Bastet said...

Cats in Sinks is a cute blog. My two used to do that. (They are no longer allowed in there) Maybe I should dig out some of the pictures of them in the sink and send them in. (If I can get them scanned for me)
Mermaids looks very nice. They are on my wish list. Let me know if it looks as nice in person (picture)as they seem on the net. I've been disappointed before on this account. :)

Mary said...

I hope you get your package from ABC Stitch Therapy soon. It is a nice chart. Hopefully your floss will come soon too.
My Molly is more of a tub cat. She likes the heat after someone takes a shower or bath. And she likes to drink from my brother's cup in the kitchen sink in the morning. Don't know what she'll do when he gets married and moves
That blog is really neat though. The cat is sooo cute.
I'm going to try to stitch on Frederick this weekend. Depends on how my back is doing.