Thursday, September 29, 2005

Silly me!

A friend of mine is having a birthday tomorrow so I stitched up a little freebie kitty pattern that I had last night and made it into a card for her. As I'm thinking to myself that I need to scan the front of the card I'm sealing it in the envelope. I tried to reopen the envelope but, all it did was start to rip. It's a pretty simple pattern so I'm sure I'll do it again one day and when I do I'll make sure I scan that one.

Here is a new scan of Celtic Summer. I only have one more color to do in the wreath in her hair then I just need to add the bead at the end. So I'm not down to working on her dress. I'm just loving the way she's looking.

CS3 Posted by Picasa

Well leave it to the Red Sox to go and blow it last night. I ended up turning off the game and watching the repeat of the season Premier of Lost then watching the new episode at 9. Anyone else watch Lost?

I'm glad to day is Thursday and that the weekend is almost here. It's not been a bad week it's just been a kind of just there week. I'll post more tonight.


AngelSan said...

Celtic Summer looks fantastic !

I watch Lost... Well, I watched all of season one, but as I'm not in the US... season 2 is harder to watch ;)
It's a great gripping series....

Carol said...

Ooo, Celtic Summer is looking so pretty!

Isabelle said...

Great progress! She's so pretty.

karensff said...

She looks lovely. It makes all the difference just having her face finished. I see you also did the backstitch. I might do that next too.

As for sealing cards before scanning them. I've done that a few times so your not alone. Once I even had it posted before I remembered.

Gill said...

Your Celtic Summer looks beautiful, great job!

Margo's Musings said...

Your Celtic Summer is just gorgeous!

I haven't stitched something for a card yet (I am a rubber stamper) - I hope you'll do another soon so we can see a pic!!!

Dawn said...

She is looking great!

Have a Good Weekend!

Kathy said...

Hi Jenn Celtic SUmmer looks fab, are you using alternative colours. The colours so far are georgeous.

hugs xxxxxx