Monday, August 8, 2005

Almost done, get out those dancing shoes!

I'm almost done with my Harry Potter bear! I feel so close and yet so far from getting him done.

HP Posted by Picasa

I wanted to finish him tonight but, the back stitching is just killing me! The colors are so dark that you can't even see the back stitching. I'd not do it but, then I'd feel like the piece isn't done. What do you all think? San finished her piece over the weekend. I had hoped to have mine done before tomorrow so I could drop it off at the framers but, I guess I'll just have to make a second run up there later this week.

I hate this time of stitching on a piece. I'm so close to finishing it but, I'm not quite there and other pieces are calling me to work on them. Oh what to do what to do!!??


Carol said...

Oh, he is looking fantastic! I vote for yes, do the backstitching - you will rest more peacefully with it done :-)

AngelSan said...

I did the backstitching (took a whole day, thanks goodness for long saturdays with nothing else to do), and honnestly, I can't see it on the design. Ok, the orange is visible, and I suggest using 976 instead of 977 if you want to see it better (the star face for ex.).

I wish I didn't spend all this time on the grey backstitching !

Little Grey Cat said...

So nearly there and he's looking great. Don't go giving up on that backstitching - I think it does make a difference.

Dawn said...

HP Bear is looking great!! Can't wait to see him finished.

Gill said...

Your HP bear is looking really good. Good luck with the backstitch!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the last piece of backstitching. I think too that you will be happy when it is over and can focus more peacefully on the others then ;-) Ann.