Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Stitching Again

Thank you to all of you for your messages of support. I started stitching again today. I worked on my HP bear at lunch today then I stitched on him on and off while I watch the >Red Sox game.

HP Posted by Picasa

What a game the Sox game was last night. Matt Clement was hit by a pitch in the back of the head (by his ear we think. They haven't said exactally where he was hit yet). From everything I've read it sounds like he's going to be ok. The game last night started at 7 and didn't finish till after 11! Paul and I ducked out of the game for a while at 10 to watch Rock Star: INXS. More on that in a minute. We did go back to the game durring commercials so we were able to keep up with what was going on.

Yes another one of my guilty pleasures watching Rock Star: INXS. I know a lot of people hate this show for what it represents - Replacing Michale Hutchence. But, I don't have a problem with the show because all the band are trying to do is move on and be able to continue being a band. They have some amazing people trying out and I'm torn as to who I want to win. Maybe they could have two new lead singers! :)


Carol said...

Hey.... look who stitched tonight :-)

karensff said...

HP bear is worth picking up the needle again for. He's so sweet.

AngelSan said...

Nearly finished... looks like there's only a little bit to be done ! This is a great inspiration for me to work on mine !!!!

Bastet said...

Really getting close now! Not long before you can call him done and be proud of it!

Anonymous said...

I am just so much in love with that cute little owl!
I love to see that you are stitching again.

Juul said...

I was sending the above message and I am just a little bit anonnymous.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm glad to see you stitching again. I've been reading your blog for a about a month or so and I really enjoy it. May I ask where I might be able to get the Harry Potter bear pattern?

Thank you!