Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Adventures of DMC 645

I wanted to finish the owl and work on the cloke of my Harry Potter Bear but, my DMC 645 has gone missing. I know I had it cause I checked it off the color chart a week or so ago when I went to see what colors I'm missing. I've looked all over the family room and I can't find him.

So if anyone happens to find him please send him home so I can work in my bear.


Butterfly Amy said...

Here he is!! I saw him go walking by my computer screen! He was taunting me and told me to go back upstairs and stitch! Stupid floss... I shooed him on back to you ;)

you're almost as nutty as me!! Think we can blame the heat??

Carol said...

In our house that usually means one of the cats dug into my project envelope and stole it :-) Happens all the time - so I will ask them if they have yours too :-)

Blackcat said...

Have you asked Misha if she knows anything? I know Angel just loves to try and hatch my floss, patterns, scissors, remote, phone anything that doesn't run away when she approaches basically.