Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hot, Hot, Hot

It's 7:30pm and it's 83 degrees. Hot, hot, hot! I soooo want to sit and stitch but, it's just do hot. :( Maybe it will start to cool off in a while and I can get some stitching done.

I placed an order with Stitching Bits and Bobs on June 4th and I've still not gotten my order. I check the website tonight and it says that one of the items I ordered is not in stock and they are waiting for it to arrive. :( I guess that I'm just spoiled from buying from Amy at
Down Sunshine Lane. Amy would have e-mailed me and let me know my item was out of stock so I wouldn't be wondering where the order was. I just want the order to get here cause there are things in there I need to do a number of small pieces in my stash. I have the need to get some small things done lately. Working on all these big pieces and not finishing anything very quickly is driving me crazy.

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Carol said...

Sorry Jenn. SB&B has the best sales, and honestly, I find their service to be good.... sorry. I could have given you a GC from DSL, but I just didn't think they offer all that much variety :-( Oh well... I feel cruddy that you are so unhappy.